May 19, 2017 – PR: Statement on WAHA Allegations on Social Media

Press Release – May 19, 2017 Moose Factory, Ontario

On behalf of Mushkegowuk Council Grand Chief Solomon is issuing a formal statement with respect to the allegations and accusations recently posted on social media that are directed at Weeneebayko Area Health Authority.

The allegations and accusations that have played out over the social media networks involving WAHA have had a substantial impact on our community members, our health care team, and the health care system in general.

Mushkegowuk Council is closely monitoring this very serious situation to ensure that appropriate measures are implemented to lessen the negative impact that this case is having on the communities and, to ensure that our members receive the highest quality of health care possible.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that the best environment for healing is where patients, families and health care providers can collaborate and support each other, improving safety and quality by helping each other understand the care experience, and offering suggestions and insights that enable us to constantly improve.

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For more information, please contact Grand Chief Jonathan Solomon in his office at 705-658-4222 or cell at 705-363-7122 or through email at