January 10, 2018 – Public Statement from Mushkegowuk

Praying for a Renewed Health Service Relationship

Mushkegowuk Council’s Deputy Grand Chief Rebecca Friday, is in final (4th) day of a Spiritual Fast Ceremony in a traditional teepee outside the Weeneebayko General Hospital in Moose Factory. The fasting ceremony and prayer is very sacred and spiritual. During this ceremony Deputy Grand Chief Friday did not consume any food but basically drink water. Upon completing this sacred ceremony Deputy Grand Chief Friday is hoping that all levels of government will come together in a renewed spirit and relationship to begin implementing changes that aim to improve our quality of health care in the far north of northern Ontario.

“Prior to 2007 our health care system was fragmented, fractured and had big gaps. Our People were falling through the cracks. Sadly, the gap is as wide as it was prior to the signing of the Integration Agreement 10 years ago and our People are still falling through the cracks. That wasn’t the vision and hope. We need to get back to the drawing board, roll up our sleeves and do something because we have been saying how poor the system is. I implore our partners to come to the table followed with action” says Mushkegowuk Council’s Grand Chief Solomon”.

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