Omushkego Education

The education department of Mushkegowuk Council is an active, contributing and supporting participant in the aspirations and development of community’s quest for self-determination and self-government. We will embrace and foster the concept of “SHARING THE RESPONSIBILITY” with local parents, teachers, administrators, community members and leadership.

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“Literacy and Numeracy On the Coast” Newsletter

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OESS Information and Resources

The following information was presented at the OESS School Leadership Team Gathering – “Engagement Through Connections” in September 2014. 

Implementing GIS Curriculum into Mushkegowuk Schools presentation developed and presented by Barb Duffin, Sarah Couchie, and Kimberly Rozon – Lands and Resources – Mushkegowuk Council

Assessment Presentation presentation developed and presented by Tawny McLaughlin, teacher and OESS Literacy Coach at Francine J. Wesley Secondary School – Kashechewan First Nation



First Nations Education Act (FNEA)

To find out more information on the FNEA, please click the following links

First Nations Education Act Guide

First Nations Education Act Blueprint

First Nations Education Act Proposed Bill



Education Department
Contact Information

Irene Tomatuk, Director of Education
Email: | (705) 658-4222 ext. 121

Roseanne Kapashesit, OESS Office Manager
Email: | (705) 658-4222 ext. 120

Trudy Sailors, A/Executive Assistant
Email: | (705) 658-4222 ext. 105

Phyllis Sutherland, Administrative Assistant
Email: | (705) 658-4222 ext. 118

Lorraine Sutherland, Student Learning Assessment Lead

Lorna Redwood, Student Success Program Advisor

Christina Nielsen, Student Success Planning Coordinator

Bernice Kapashesit, Early Learning Lead

Doug M. Cheechoo, Post Secondary Counselor
Email: | (705) 268-3594 ext. 225

Betty Gunner, CPI Trainer