Technical Services


Technical Services has been working out of the Mushkegowuk Council office in Timmins since February 2012 and the advantages are very noticeable and getting some positive feedback MCTS is responsible for the provision of technical advisory, consultation, review and recommendation services in capital management, engineering and architectural related activities inherent in the management of real property and other capital assets to all Mushkegowuk First Nations.

Technical Services day to day operations include, but are not limited to:

– CMHC Program Delivery
– Inspections/progress reports and Building Code Advisory
– Assistance and advisory in the planning and development of any First Nation housing projects.
Regional Housing Strategy Discussion Paper

Asset Management
– Provide some support for Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS) Submissions
– Provide some support for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Scheduling and Budgeting

Capital Management/Technical Advisory Functions
– Assist with Capital Plan Development Implementation & Management
– Promotion of some Training & Preparation Programs
– Provide advice on Technical Policies, Guidelines, & Standards Assistance/Guidance

Emergency Management Services
– Fire Protection Services
– Emergency & Preventative Measures Programs


Contact Information:

Ryan Small, Director of Technical Services

David Iserhoff, Project Officer

Ron Hunter, Building Inspector

Leonard Kapashesit, EMS Coordinator