All Season Road

All Season Road
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The final report of the All Season Road Pre-Feasibility Study identified one coastal route and four (4) candidate routes for the inland portion of a road from a long list of more than twenty (20) options during earlier portions of the study. The identification of the four routes was associated with an evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of each route. Such aspects included environmental features, traditional land uses, sacred places, design considerations relative to topography, required water crossing infrastructure, soil profiles from existing survey data, estimated costs for each portion of the road and required infrastructure, and potential corridors for economic development. Roadway design alternatives, water crossing infrastructure requirements and associated relative costs were also included. These four routes were then ranked by these aspects.

The four (4) route corridors identified were (Maps appended):

  • Route “A”: located along the Albany River, branching to Coastal Communities;
  • Route “B”: located along Kwataboahegan River, then branching in many parts;
  • Route “C-1”: located along the Mattagami River, then along the Moose River;
  • Route “C-2”: located along existing Ontario Northland Railroad to Moosonee

The next step in the process is to complete a Feasibility Study to verify the Coastal Route and determine the preferred inland route. The study will include more community consultations, refining cost estimates, gathering environmental data, determining the availability of aggregates and completing preliminary design work. The goals of the Feasibility Study will be to be ready to move to a design/build stage if funding becomes available.

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