These resolutions have been passed at our Annual Mamowihitowin of the Omushkegowuk, Annual General Assembly.

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October 2016

Resolution 2016-09-01 Acceptance of Chair and Youth Co-Chair

Resolution 2016-09-02 Adoption of Agenda

Resolution 2016-09-03 2015-16 Financial Audit Report

Resolution 2016-09-04 Appointment of the KPMG LLP as Auditors

Resolution 2016-09-05 Acceptance of Reports

Resolution 2016-09-06 Contribution Agreement Review

Resolution 2016-09-07 Development of a Financial Admin Law

Resolution 2016-09-08 Organization Structure for 10th Mushkegowuk Cup

Resolution 2016-09-11 Support for Mush Athletes for Team ON

Resolution 2016-09-12 FN Inuit Youth Employment Strategy

Resolution 2016-09-13 Great Moon Gathering

Resolution 2016-09-14 Establishment of an Elders Advisory Council

Resolution 2016-09-15 Support for NAN Legal Services Talking Together Program

Resolution 2016-09-16 Youth Representative on the Executive of Mushkegowuk Council

Resolution 2016-09-17 I Love First Nation Peoples Collaboration

Resolution 2016-09-18 Cree Laws for Protecting Cree Families and Children.pdf

Resolution 2016-09-19 Meegwetch to Chapleau Cree FN



October 2015

Resolution 2015-10-01 Acceptance of Chair and Youth CoChair

Resolution 2015-10-02 Confirmation of Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief

Resolution 2015-10-03 Appointment of Mushkegowuk Regional Elder

Resolution 2015-10-04 Adoption of Agenda

Resolution 2015-10-05 Support for Regional Telecommunications Roundtable and Youth IT Forum

Resolution 2015-10-06 Mushkegowuk – Ontario Treaty Roundtable M

Resolution 2015-10-07 Resolution for a Health Policy Analyst – Coordinator

Resolution 2015-10-08 To Establish Mushkegowuk Council Economic Development Department

Resolution 2015-10-09 Development of the Mushkegowuk Information Services Department

Resolution 2015-10-10 Approval of Mushkegowuk Council Bylaw Number 1 and Articles of Continuance

Resolution 2015-10-11 Approval of Election Code

Resolution 2015-10-12 2014-2015 Financial Audit

Resolution 2015-10-13 Appointment of the KPMP LLP as Auditors

Resolution 2015-10-14 Mushkegowuk Council Renews Campaign Against Illegal Drugs and Alcohol

Resolution 2015-10-15 Directors of Mushkegowuk Council

Resolution 2015-10-16 Acceptance of Reports

Resolution 2015-10-17 Acceptance of Regional Corporation Reports

Resolution 2015-10-18 Great Moon Gathering Education Conference

Resolution 2015-10-19 First Nation Student Success Program (Omushkego Education Student Success)

Resolution 2015-10-20 Summer Science Camp Initiative

Resolution 2015-10-21 Investigating the Possibility of Expansion of Suboxone and Opiod Clinic(s) in Mushkegowuk Territory

Resolution 2015-10-22 St. Anne’ IRS Survivors – Assurance of Non-Violation of IAP Process

Resolution 2015-10-23 Mushkegowuk Inquiry into the Suicide Pandemic

Resolution 2015-10-24 Mushkegowuk Health System Review Working Group

Resolution 2015-10-25 Meegwetch to Missanabie Cree First Nation

Resolution 2015-10-26 Food Security Assistance in Mushkegowuk Territory


January 2015

Resolution 2015-01-01 Adopton of Youth Co-Chair

Resolution 2015-01-02 Adoption of Agenda

Resolution 2015-01-03 Acceptance of Reports

Resolution 2015-01-04 2013-2014 Financial Audit Report

Resolution 2015-01-05 Appointment of the KPMG LLP as Auditors

Resolution 2015-01-06 Northern Mineral Technical Table

Resolution 2015-01-07 Support for Collective Applications for the Funding of GIS Education

Resolution 2015-01-08 Tribal Council Support

Resolution 2015-01-09 Ojibway Cree Cultural Centre in Timmins

Resolution 2015-01-10 Great Moon Gathering Education Conference

Resolution 2015-01-11 First Nation Student Success Program (Omushkego Education Student Success)

Resolution 2015-01-12 Development of a Mushkegowuk Investment Fund

Resolution 2015-01-13 Mushkegowuk Regional Corporations Roundtable

Resolution 2015-01-14 City of Kapaskasing Economic Development Summit Participation

Resolution 2015-01-15 Exploring Solutions for the Situations that Result in Community Evacuations

Resolution 2015-01-16 Recruitment of a Regional Event Coordinator

Resolution 2015-01-17 Regional Recreation Coordinator Office for Children and Youth

Resolution 2015-01-18 Continuation of CreeFest and the Mushkegowuk Cup

Resolution 2015-01-19 Mushkegowuk Inquiry into the Suicide Pandemic

Resolution 2015-01-20 Ontario Treaty Relationship Roundtable Memorandum of Understanding

Resolution 2015-01-21 Mushkegowuk Healthcare

Resolution 2015-01-22 Spirit and Power of Unity

Resolution 2015-01-23 Acceptance of Board Corporation Reports

Resolution 2015-01-24 Omushkego Mamowihitowin January 26, 2015 Support and Join the Call for A National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Resolution 2015-01-25 Meegwetch to Kashechewan FN


Resolution 2014-01-01 Acceptance of Chair

Resolution 2014-01-02 Acceptance of Co Chairs

Resolution 2014-01-03 Adoption of Agenda

Resolution 2014-01-04 Acceptance of Reports

Resolution 2014-01-05 Appointment of KPMG LLP as Auditors

Resolution 2014-01-06 Ontario Mushkegowuk Treaty Roundtable

Resolution 2014-01-07 Tribal Council Application Funding Support

Resolution 2014-01-08 Location of Future Regional Hospital

Resolution 2014-01-09 Review of Health Governance and the Weeneebayko Area Health Integration Framework Agreement

Resolution 2014-01-10 Young People’s Economic Development Forum – Moving Forward

Resolution 2014-01-11 Regional Housing Strategy 2014

Resolution 2014-01-12 TTN Board Member to WAHA

Resolution 2014-01-13 Resource Development

Resolution 2014-01-14 Our Most Precious Gifts Our Children and Family

Resolution 2014-01-15 Great Moon Gathering Education Conference

Resolution 2014-01-16 Renewal of Employment and Training Services Agreement

Resolution 2014-01-17 Meegwetch to Fort Albany First Nation