Climate Summit 2016


This Summit is a gathering of renowned researchers, scientists, and Elders who share expertise on the health, conservation, and enhancement of the Hudson and James Bay wetlands, the third largest wetlands in the world. The Hudson and James Bay wetlands are considered to be the world’s second largest carbon sink, a vital ecosystem to cool our planet and protect our freshwater.  Specifically, the MCS2016 will focus exclusively on determining wetland research gaps and priorities so we can create research opportunities and help policy makers make better decisions on climate change.

As an attendee to our Summit, you will learn about:

  • Landscape response to pollution from industrial activities on wetland ecosystems
  • Traditional knowledge and climate change
  • Ecology of wetlands and stressors affecting wetland quality
  • Ecosystem ecology on Boreal watersheds
  • Impact of Natural and human induced environmental changes in Arctic and Sub Arctic
  • Why methylmercury in fish and mercury dynamics in Attawapiskat watershed
  • Peatland and global warming
  • Climate change and wetland research integrated in land use planning


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For more information on the summit, please contact Vern Cheechoo, Director of Lands & Resources at:
Phone: 705-268-3594
Cell: 705-360-3858